Monthly Archives: June 2013

Being Creative

At the age of 19, my first management boss did my review. He said, “You’re doing really well, but I want you to be more creative and come up with ideas”. The next few weeks consisted of me sitting at… Continue reading

Business Dry Spell

A business dry spell is normally caused by being complacent and not following consistent business practises. When things are going well, we generally take our eye off the ball. We have all done this at some point in our careers.… Continue reading

Building a Team

In most businesses, you will employ staff and they must become a natural extension of your core beliefs. This is so difficult to do. How can you expect an employee to care as much as you, work as hard as… Continue reading

Making Money Online

We all know about the internet and the potential it has…or do we?


When I had my business, we transacted on the internet but it certainly was not our primary lead generator. I thought I knew a lot about… Continue reading

Building Relationships

What sort of people do you buy from or like doing business with? Considering people you know, personally or professionally, what makes you like and respect them? I would say that in most cases, you have known them for a… Continue reading