Monthly Archives: August 2013

Keeping Customer Service Simple

We all have our opinions on how we can build relationships and best serve our customers. Combining strong relationships with a motivated team can put you way ahead of the competition. Recently I spoke with a business owner who understood… Continue reading

Unmotivated to Motivated staff in 7 easy steps

Whether they’re part-time or full-time employees, slow-moving, uninspired team members are the bane of many small businesses’ existence. How can you get workers fired up and motivated to achieve your company’s goals? Here are seven ways:


1. Recruit well… Continue reading

Vanity or Sanity?

When I was growing my business, there were many competitors concerned about how big they were in terms of volume transactions and turnover rather than focusing on their profitability. This is known as vanity. The way I look at this… Continue reading

5 Ways to Motivate Staff

As we all know, any business that wants to grow is going to be held back unless you have the right calibre of people. It is vital that the passion you have for your business is filtered through to every… Continue reading

Do You Provide Customers With What They Want?

In order to maximise your sales, brand, and customer experience, have you ever thought about what your customer actually wants? It is not necessarily all about what you think they want. Have you actually asked your customers? If you focus… Continue reading

Lifestyle or Growth that is the question?

When I meet an SME owner for the first time, one of the first things that needs to be established is whether it is a lifestyle business or whether there is a vision for growth. If we’re honest, most businesses… Continue reading

Some Tips on Who and Why someone would buy your company

It’s important in the early stages of building your company that you think about these questions. Planning in detail can make a considerable difference to your value. Below are some tips on who and why someone would want to buy… Continue reading

Learn how to build a team to get them too help you sell your business

One of the most difficult transitions is from being embedded in your business to extracting yourself so it runs itself. If you ever want to be a successful entrepreneur then you have to do this in whatever business you own.… Continue reading

Do you feel lonely, nervous or unsure?

I keep seeing this problem, especially in companies that have small senior teams, maybe with just one or two directors. In some cases, it is as if they have had four years of fighting, leaving them exhausted, emotionally drained, out… Continue reading