Do You Provide Customers With What They Want?

In order to maximise your sales, brand, and customer experience, have you ever thought about what your customer actually wants? It is not necessarily all about what you think they want. Have you actually asked your customers? If you focus on delivering customer excellence to a level higher than your competition, they will buy more and refer your services to all their family and friends.


As we all know, if you upset a client he will tell more people about it than if he was satisfied, so you certainly do not want to make that mistake. So how do we go about that? Simply decide on your mediums and over deliver every time without fail. Do not fall into the trap of thinking that you need to do everything, but end up under delivering on all fronts. If your means of interacting is by way of telephone and the internet then ensure you do that exceptionally well before embarking on other mediums like Twitter or Facebook.


When you decide on your mediums, make sure you test them thoroughly to ensure that everything works as it should. So, for example, apply online and see how the process works. Is it faultless? Can anything be improved?


Remember your ultimate aim is not only to please your customers but also to delight them. What can you do that will make them think, “Wow, that was amazing!” What methods, if any, do you adopt for obtaining customer feedback? What do you do with that information? Personally, I want all customer feedback to come via me. That information is a tremendous way of identifying issues within the business first-hand while having the authority to put it right. This data, good or bad, needs to be fed back and is a great motivation tool. Imagine an employee being approached by the owner and being told how great a job they have done. That would make their day!


You must continually strive to do better in everything. I hear people say that they are happy to consolidate in the present market. This is very dangerous as others are taking action by going forward while you are standing still. Does that make sense in this highly competitive marketplace? The accounts that impress me are always businesses who strive to better themselves and grow.


How do you change the culture if you are not used to delighting your customers? First you need to look at yourself. If you’re not delighting customers then you need to accept there is a problem, and make the necessary steps to adopt change.


You need to invest in yourself as well as your staff. John Lewis continue to outperform most of the retail sector because they invest in their people. If you make your people feel that they are respected and add value to the business, it will make them feel good and ultimately want to perform better. If you feel that you do not have it in you to change then get outside help to make it happen for you.

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Simon Pioli says:

Hi Dave
Really enjoyed this piece I believe in the service industry under promise and over achieve is the key to ensure your clients come back time and time again. There is so much competition out there you have to prove to your client there is no reason to go anywhere else.

Dave says:

Simon I am glad you enjoyed the article. Delight your customers by delivering service that is better than your competition and ensure your product adds as much value as possible. Basically deliver an unforgettable customer experience.

Emily Coltman says:

I do like Jim’s terminology “client whispering”. That’s great.
As an accountant, my issue is that sometimes what clients would like most (to pay no tax at all) just isn’t possible. There has to be compromise between what they would like and what we can achieve for them!

Dave says:

Emily, Thanks for the comment…The unfortunate thing for you is that most clients would say that, me included, but you are right of course it has to be realistic regards Dave

Jim Lyon says:

All good questions and observations Dave. We were able to go from a start-up with no investment capital to a market leader in less than ten years, but to do so we had to focus on client success. We call it client whispering, which is the title of our new book. In this book we explain in much detail all of the little things we did to create sustainable growth by promoting the success of our clients. Client success begets company success, but it takes focus and disciplined action.

Dave says:

Jim- Well done to you. To go from nothing to a market leader is a great achievement….focus and discipline are definitely needed..regards Dave