Unmotivated to Motivated staff in 7 easy steps

Whether they’re part-time or full-time employees, slow-moving, uninspired team members are the bane of many small businesses’ existence. How can you get workers fired up and motivated to achieve your company’s goals? Here are seven ways:


1. Recruit well

Start down the road to motivated employees by hiring the right person for the right job. Too often, time-strapped entrepreneurs will hire a neighbour or acquaintance because they don’t want to sift through a big pile of CVs. Instead, take the time to properly vet candidates. Then, hire someone who is qualified for the job and, more importantly, fits with your company.


2. Offer clear goals

Do your employees know what their top priorities are, and what needs to be done by each deadline? Vagueness is a big motivation-killer.


3. Manage with surprise visits

I would walk around and even return to the office unexpectedly. Productivity stayed high as employees never knew when I would be back. Employees do what you inspect, not what you expect.


4. Share your finances

Several entrepreneurs have an “open book” policy at their company, where they share revenue, expenses and other financial figures with employees. This transparency can be a big win — employees feel they’re privy to inside information, and they understand exactly how much business they need for the company to grow. This makes profit-sharing programmes work, as employees know exactly what it takes to hit the profit point. Some owners fear releasing this information, but my experience of sharing company financials is positive.


5. Do incentives right

Incentive programs can backfire if they are a way to entice employees to do something that makes them uncomfortable or seems unachievable. Set realistic benchmarks and make sure they are relevant and appealing to your staff, or the programme may just lead to inaction.


6. Build trust

Employees do things for leaders they believe in. To increase trust, admit to your own mistakes, show empathy for employees’ concerns, and be honest about how difficult it will be to meet your goals. Instead of making pronouncements, listen and involve employees in decisions.


7. Treat employees like people

Do you know your employees’ personal aspirations? Tap into their personal desires and you will be able to motivate them to excel.


Follow these 7 easy steps to turn unmotivated staff into motivated ones as soon as possible. Use the tips yourself to maintain your own motivation levels, which will inspire and push your team to succeed even more.

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