Does your brand stand out from the crowd?

Strong branding is critical in our ad-cluttered world. After all, you want to ensure that you’re the first business customers think of when in need. How can you be more memorable and stand out? Here’s a quick guide to becoming a great, memorable brand:


  1.  Make it visual. Simple branding is best, especially if you can associate with something that helps customers remember you, for example, Apple associates with the fruit. This makes the name and logo easy to remember.


  1. Be sure it’s tweetable. Social media is increasingly important in coming up with your brand concept. Remember, you do not want it to be long and over complicated. When you’re choosing a brand name, consider how and whether it would work in social media.


  1. Have fun. Some of my favorite brands have humorous elements. Again with Apple, they evoke a “cool” image so it’s good to be associated with them. Visit an Apple shop and you’ll have hip youngsters, who clearly like the products, serving you.


  1. Make sure it fits. If major companies were uncomfortable with the images they’ve created, their brands would suffer. You may be living with this image for a long time, so don’t go with a concept that embarrasses you. Customers will sense this shame because you won’t promote your brand enthusiastically enough.


  1. Be consistent. Once you’ve come up with your branding, use it everywhere. Get new business cards, stationery, and a new sign for your store. Don’t leave any of your old, less-awesome branding lurking around to confuse people.


Follow those tips and you’ll have an awesome brand you’re proud of. Think long and hard before making the final decision. Remember, your image will be with you for a very long time, and it could make or break your business.


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