As a Business Owner are You Accountable?

Having built and sold two businesses, this is one of the questions I often ask myself. We all have different levels of motivation, discipline, creativity, passion, etc, but what makes a massive difference to your performance is accountability and impartial advice.


How many days do you laze about in a month? Do you let your staff get away with it too? What does it cost you? Imagine if you had someone to help make you accountable, and the difference it would make to your revenues and profits.


Consider these questions. Do you want to improve? Do you want to achieve your goals? Have you studied enough? Have you experienced building a successful company before?


You will benefit from having an impartial ear to discuss things with. Imagine what it would feel like to have someone help improve return on investment, maximise motivation, and ensure your business plan is watertight.


Think of the most successful people in business and sport. What makes them achieve such great things? Clearly they are talented and have the necessary skills to be successful, but what else makes them achieve greatness? Mentors. Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Wayne Rooney, and all the British olympic team have at least one coach or mentor.


These people become more successful by having accountability and advice on how to improve their performance. They find they are pushed and challenged to go that extra mile, to achieve things they never thought they would. They realise that they only have one chance in life, so they really make the most of it.


Two years ago in America, business coaching was estimated at having a 40% growth rate, the second fastest growing industry. In the UK, few companies use mentors. Do UK business owners not want to be successful? Many spend thousands on things that do not work yet look at a coach or mentor as a expense they can’t afford. Have you thought about how a coach will give you a better return on investment? Do you not think that a coach will make you more successful than if you continue on your own?


Here is some information I’d like to share with you:

-A large employer within the hospitality industry had their top 200 executives coached and realised a saving of more than $30 million.

-Executive coaching at Booze Allen Hamilton delivered a $7.90 return on investment for every dollar invested.

-A survey conducted by Manchester of 140 companies suggested the average return on investment was $5 for every dollar invested.


Now you understand why coaching is a solution for your business problems. Whether it’s mental issues like lack of motivation or money problems due to poor cash flow, a great coach is just what you need to realise your ambitions.


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