Stress? Managing it can change your life!


Stress? Managing it can change your life!

Let’s face it, the pressures we all experience in our working lives has increased dramatically. The anxiety that comes with this pressure leads to stress. Stress can be extremely difficult to cope with, it just sits there constantly nagging away at you and the pressure builds and builds and builds… something has to break.

But it’s not the same for everyone. There are people who cope well with stress – indeed, there are those that absolutely thrive under extreme stress and pressure. Why is that? Why is one person’s meat another person’s poison? And why, in the current challenging economic climate, do some business people become even more successful?

One of the overriding reasons is that these successful business people use their stress positively. They see difficult situations as an opportunity, it’s what really spurs them on. But to do that, to really see the opportunities in adversity, you need to find a way to cope with stress. Here’s a few useful tips:

1. Take a break, it’ll pay you back threefold

Some people laugh when I talk about meditation but it is a great way of removing yourself from direct stress and giving your mind chance to work things through. Just take 30 minutes – relax, use some basic meditation or hypnosis techniques – it can transform the way you think and approach problems and issues.

2. Get the blood pumping

The old saying goes, ‘healthy in body healthy in mind’, and nothing was ever truer. Even if you smoke, drink too much or eat too much, I promise you that regular exercise will make a massive difference. Positive endorphins will flood your body and give you the right attitude to deal with stressful situations better.

3. Hang around with the right crowd!

Whether socially, through work or through social media channels like LinkedIn, listen and engage with positive people. The sort of people that cope well with stress and despite all the gloom and doom, still see great opportunity in the world about them. It will rub off!

4. If you can do it, do it – if you can’t, don’t!

So many people I see and work with make the basic mistake of trying to do things that they simply aren’t either good at doing or even capable of doing. The most successful business people have specialists around them to support their weak areas. Try and do these things yourself, what happens? Simple, you get stressed, and that will affect all those things you are good at! Don’t do it!

5. Hey, it ‘aint the end of the world!

I don’t care what you tell me, there’ll always be someone worse off. It’s your attitude that makes the difference – the way you look at things. What some may see as major problems, others see as opportunities to learn. I know it’s hard at times, but if you can remain positive, think about the things you have done well and above all else, take a moment to occasionally sit back and smile – life shouldn’t be taken too seriously!

Managing stress really can be a major part of your personal and business success. I’m not a ‘stress therapist’, I’m a business mentor. As part of that coaching process, dealing with stress is an essential part – but it’s just one of the many hurdles we will have to clear to help you realize your personal and corporate goals.

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Mat says:

Thank you for the great post – valuable reading:)
When talking about coping with stress, one thing I have realized – sometimes the best thing to do is to STOP and take a break. Walk away from the situation and take some time off. A short breaks gives the ability to think about the stressful situation and find solutions. Practice some deep breathing to cool off. After five or ten minutes you´ll feel much better and there is a great chance that the stressors don’t seem so stressful anymore.
Best Regards