Monthly Archives: April 2014

Are You 100% Motivated Business Owner

Starting a business seems easy. You dream of huge profits, an international brand, and happy customers worldwide. Of course, reality is different. Good things will come, but not overnight. The ultimate success could be months, years, even decades away. That’s… Continue reading

Are You Investing In Personal Development?

A profitable business must reinvest. More employees, more office space, more equipment, more products, and more services. Those are the obvious investments, but what’s a major one people forget? Personal development. Personal development (also known as self development) involves improving… Continue reading

4 Tips On Being Positive Right Now

Feeling blue? It happens. Sometimes life just gets you down. No wonder some people are so negative. There’s only so much a person can take before they give up and walk away…Don’t be one of those people. When you have… Continue reading

Four Effective Ways to Reduce Stress at Work

Reports, a business presentation, minute taking, training, admin work, and that’s just this week! No wonder so many workers are showing stress symptoms like anxiety and chain smoking. Finishing a project only relieves stress temporarily because soon another Monday morning… Continue reading

Tips on Getting Good Business Support

Running a business can be scary. There’s so much to consider! When you hear about businesses failing, you only feel worse. Could you be next? Instead of panicking, find some good business support. Business consulting services help you run the… Continue reading

What Makes a Good Business Idea

This is it. After months spent brainstorming, you’ve finally got THE business idea. Your mind is buzzing with excitement. You’re ready to start your business and start earning profit. Before you push ahead with this business opportunity, stop and think… Continue reading