Four Effective Ways to Reduce Stress at Work

Reports, a business presentation, minute taking, training, admin work, and that’s just this week! No wonder so many workers are showing stress symptoms like anxiety and chain smoking. Finishing a project only relieves stress temporarily because soon another Monday morning deadline comes along. Yep, there goes your weekend…Is there a better solution to reduce stress? Actually, there are four.


Always value your colleagues

Feeling unappreciated can cause stress. You wonder what’s the point in working so hard without being thanked. No one sticks with a job if there’s so much stress at work. That’s why successful businesses keep their employees happy. You can’t afford to lose great talent due an easily preventable problem like work stress.


Whether you’re the boss or a new employee, value everyone in the team. Each role plays an important part in the profit chain, so show your appreciation regularly – happy workers mean healthy profits. Paying their salary on time isn’t enough. Talk to them in person instead of being distant through emails. Remember something, anything, personal about them, for example, did they get married recently? Ask how things are coming along and show genuine interest in their response.


Hold team building days

It’s easy for employees to feel isolated at work – you don’t have to speak with anyone in person anymore. There’s email, video conferencing, and notice boards to share news.


To bring your team together, dedicate several days a year to team building. Make it fun so they look forward to the next one. Play games and include exercises that require teamwork. Use these days as a great opportunity to improve useful skills including writing, organisation, and working quickly. A team full of friends always has someone to turn to when they need stress relief, and a close network should notice stress symptoms before they worsen.


Provide gym membership

Small businesses could subsidise gym membership while larger ones pay the full fee. “What’s the point?” you ask. “Isn’t this a waste of money?” Of course it will cost your business, but that’s what a good investment does. Spend now and reap the rewards later!


So how is gym membership an investment? First, healthy employees take less time off. Instead of paying someone sick pay, and then paying a temp worker, your employee will only be away for a well-earned holiday once or twice a year. Second, exercise is great stress relief. Everything from weight lifting to dancing is not only a good calorie burner but also an effective way to relieve stress. Now your employees will leave bad moods at the gym and arrive to work with a clear head.


Hire reputable therapists

A good therapist will listen to your problems and help guide you to a solution. If an employee is showing stress symptoms but doing nothing about it, they seriously need an intervention. By offering therapy to everyone, the most needy will be supported through the stress management process, and the rest can prevent stress from ever becoming a serious problem.


If you’re a small business lacking the resources to fund therapy, always consider public health services and charitable groups. Bring their marketing materials to work and distribute them to everyone. These could be organisations your business supports, which makes you look charitable and means you’ll have great connections when you need their help.


Those are four effective ways to reduce stress at the workplace. It won’t be easy, and some solutions aren’t cheap, but every one is highly effective at providing stress relief to employees. When your colleagues are happier, healthier, and working harder than ever with a smile, you’ll know every step was more than worth it.


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