Are You 100% Motivated Business Owner

Starting a business seems easy. You dream of huge profits, an international brand, and happy customers worldwide. Of course, reality is different. Good things will come, but not overnight. The ultimate success could be months, years, even decades away. That’s why you need inspiration to keep motivating people at the company. Are you self-motivated enough to succeed and lead others? Find out now by answering four quick questions.

Do you have mentors to inspire the team?
A success story is great inspiration, but a mentor takes this to another level. They’re success stories you can meet, get to know, and reach out to in your hour of need. A mentor could be from another business or your own, but ideally they’re someone who has succeeded. Success could be anything from overcoming common business problems like funding to making record profits from a merger. Also look for success in their personal lives. Do you like their home and work life balance? Get useful tips to keep your family happy. There’s more to life than work and money.

Do you have a positive daily routine?
A negative mindset will manifest itself through bad habits. If you expect massive losses at work, you’ll get massive losses. If you predict the bank will turn down that business loan, they’ll turn it down. Your bad habits lead to bad results. You subconsciously make it happen, and consciously act all surprised.

Fake it ‘til you make it. Act like you’re self-motivated to trick your employees. Once they start feeling motivated, it’ll spur you on. Use inspiration like positive quotes and pictures to boost employee motivation. When you say something negative, counter it with positive affirmations. Repeating positive affirmations like “We will succeed” and “We can do this” on a daily basis is a form of self-hypnosis. Soon your brain will automatically think positive. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, meditation will help clear your head from negative thoughts so a positive mindset can flourish.

Do you exercise competitively?
The business world doesn’t have to be cutthroat, but let’s not pretend it isn’t competitive. Focus on a positive mindset and the need to beat the competition. Sweet employees are nice to work with, but not if they’re losing lucrative opportunities because they’re too nice.

Exercise is the solution. The endorphins released by working out provide the ultimate buzz while meeting a target exercises your competitiveness. You can compete with yourself or compete within the team. Either way, overcoming those “I can’t go on!” negative thoughts in the gym will be great inspiration back at the office. If you could run for an hour on the treadmill, surely you can finish a simple business report?

Do you work with highly motivated people?
Debbie Downers drag the whole team down. Motivating people is hard enough when things aren’t going to plan. A moaner makes things even worse. Positive energy isn’t enough if you’re being suffocated by a pessimist.

If there’s a Debbie Downer in your team, counter everything negative. If she says the project won’t be done on time, say it will. If she says you won’t win a contract, say you will. It might seem harsh, but consider losing the negative team member. Always put the team first, not individuals. Your business will thrive with a motivated, cohesive team.

If you answered, “Yes!” to those four questions, work on maintaining your positive mindset. Clearly your self-motivation is running high, which must be great inspiration for the team. If you didn’t pass this mini-test, don’t worry. Now you know what it takes to boost not only your motivation, but your employees’. Once you inspire yourself, the team is sure to follow.

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