What Is Customer Service Excellence

Many factors cripple businesses. New legislation, new competitors, a new season. It’s hard to keep track of every threat to your brand. All you can do is prepare for the worst and hope for the best. That’s why it’s smarter to focus on factors you can control, like customer service skills. Here are five parts of excellent customer service your business must maintain. If you offer good customer service, this is a must-read to take your brand to another level.

1. Always be polite
Customer reviews are all over the internet. You can’t afford to let a bad day ruin an excellent rating. That’s why your staff must be polite no matter what. “What if the customer is rude?” you ask. Good customer service involves being polite until a customer is rude, and then letting rip! Excellent customer service means you stay calm, period. This will calm down irrational customers because they’ll see how unreasonable they’re being.

2. Always be understanding
Some customers are looking for a fight. Others only lose their cool because they’ve been pushed too far. Or they might just be having a bad day. Don’t be a cold, distant business. Good customer service means you’ll only make allowances when forced to. Excellent customer service means you’re willing to bend the rules whether there are special circumstances or not. Life happens, so make sure your customers can depend on your good nature.

3. Always be reliable
Having a customer service job means you’re the face and/or voice of the company. Make sure you don’t let the business down. If you promise to call someone back, do it. If you say you’ll send out important documents, do it. If you can’t keep a promise, don’t make it. When in doubt, pass the customer on to someone more qualified. Good customer service means you’ll stop there. Excellent customer service means you’ll follow-up the problem by calling the customer back.

4. Always be better than the rest
If you promise to deliver in seven days, do it. If a competitor delivers in five days, deliver in three. If they offer cheap delivery, offer free delivery. If they offer a 10% discount, offer 15%. Do whatever it takes, within reason, to beat the rest. When a customer strays from their usual choice, that’s the perfect chance to win them over for good. You might have one chance, so make it count. Try and lure them away with great marketing and keep them hooked with excellent customer service skills.

5. Always be memorable
Some people take this point the wrong way. They try silly gimmicks to stand out from the rest. Their business might be the talk of the town, but that’s it. If customers don’t respect you, they won’t come back. To be memorable long-term, follow the first four points. “Too easy,” you say, “there must be something else!” Nope.

Think of all the businesses you’ve encountered in your life. How many let you down? Did you use them again? Of course not. Those businesses are easily forgotten, after writing a bad review, of course. Excellent businesses are never forgotten. They are the ones customers use again and again. They are the ones who thrive when others fall. Follow the last four points and your business will be memorable because of customer service excellence. Just reading this blog shows how much you care. Now go and show your customers!

Excellent customer service skills make the best stand out from the rest. Good customer service skills only take you so far before a better business comes along. Improve customer service until your business is unforgettable. Treat customers with the respect they deserve and they’ll thank you by spreading the positive word.

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