5 Tips On Being a Good Leader

There are many styles of leadership: tough, easy-going, profit-driven, and quite scary…They also vary according to the situation, for example, a tough stance at the army. Whichever path you choose, follow these 5 good qualities of leadership to be the best leader you can be.

Leadership Qualities Tip 1: Don’t break promises
The team relies on you to organise everything from holidays to sick leave. Unfortunately, you won’t always have time to deal with matters right away. That’s when you must make promises instead…

A bad leader breaks promises. The consequences for small promises are minor because the employee is just slightly irritated. When it comes to bigger promises relating to important matters like illness, family, etc, the employee will hold it against you. When employees are resentful, they slack off and your business suffers. A good leader makes promises they can keep. If they can’t, they’ll find someone who can.

Leadership Qualities Tip 2 – Lead by example
A bad leader says one thing and does another. They act like they’re above everyone else. Good leadership skills involve doing as you say and do. Follow your own rules, for example, don’t be late. Even seemingly insignificant jobs like keeping your workspace tidy make a big difference. People look to the leader for guidance. Once they see your excellent example, they’ll feel compelled to do the same.

Leadership Qualities Tip 3 – Encourage growth
Everyone has something to learn. Those who want to succeed better themselves. There’s only so much your team can do before they hit a glass ceiling. To break through, they’ll need to improve their skills. A bad leader doesn’t bother with development. They hire employees and never ask anything more than the job description. It’s no surprise when employees feel stuck in a rut.

A good leader encourages development through training programmes and rewards success with bonuses. Better skills mean better services. Better services mean better profits. Encouraging development is one of the great leadership skills!

Leadership Qualities Tip 4 – Be yourself
Some people don’t like the tough approach. They think it’s too mean. Others give up when their leader is too forgiving. They don’t need a nudge, but a shove to get started and keep going.

Be you. It might take time, but soon you’ll have the perfect team for your personality. It shouldn’t be the other way around. You are the leader. Don’t change to attract someone who isn’t the right fit. They won’t last long. A good leader is upfront about their style from day one. Show them who you really are and ask, “Could you work with me?” Respect their honesty.

Leadership Qualities Tip 5 – Be open
It’s best to be upfront about problems in the team so they’re dealt with quickly. A bad leader keeps everything to themselves. Even worse, they might share their frustration with other people in the team instead of the person who really needs to hear it.

A good leader is open by giving and receiving feedback. Tough or not, they’re approachable so the team knows they can talk through their problems. The team should know they’re being led by someone who understands what they’re going through.

These 5 tips on being a good leader also apply to team members. To hold the lead position means you must have at least one of these leadership skills already. The most important tip is being yourself. Once the real you attracts a team, you can focus on leadership training by practising one tip at a time.

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