What Works With Online Marketing

Online marketing can be overwhelming because with so many possibilities, it’s hard to know where to start. Your competitors will do whatever it takes to get your audience, so you’ll need an excellent marketing plan. Don’t join some expensive online marketing course. Follow these five steps to discover what works with online marketing tailored to your business.

Step 1: Target your market
A key aspect in an effective online marketing strategy is identifying where your target market is. Marketing somewhere else is a waste of time and money. Focus your efforts on their favourite places to be, for example, a fashion designer would market on clothes blogs. If you’re using discreet marketing methods like blog commenting, remember to be subtle or your cover will be blown.

Step 2: Be consistent
Customers must trust you to form long-lasting, lucrative relationships. If you say one thing and do another, you’ll look hypocritical and dishonest. They won’t invest any more time or money into someone they don’t respect. To stay on the right track, write down your vision (brief notes) and post them somewhere visible. Before releasing any marketing materials, refer back to your notes. Keep your vision up-to-date. No one expects you to stay the same forever, but let your audience know what’s changing, and why.

Step 3: Vary your marketing methods
A common online marketing strategy is to focus on many resources at once. No wonder people feel overwhelmed and burnout. You quit and end up making nothing. A better marketing strategy is to focus on three methods. The first is your main method, the second is the back-up, and the third is for emergencies. You never know when major companies like Google will change their system, leaving you high and dry. That’s what the second and third methods are for. You could always switch to those instead. Use different approaches like videos, emails, blogs, and social marketing so your customers can choose the communication method they prefer.

Step 4: Be helpful, not annoying
Constantly bombarding your audience with sales pitches is annoying. People get fed up and break away. You’ll be very lucky if they come back. You can sell to people, but you’ve got to hide your sales pitch. There are two ways of doing this. One, give informative content they can use. Over time you’ll build up a good relationship with them so they’ll trust you enough to use your services. Two, focus solely on useful content and drop a sales pitch from time to time. This effective marketing strategy works well with email lists. Constant sales emails push subscribers away fast!

Step 5: Automation is key!
A marketing strategy is easier than you think. By linking social media, you can take advantage of automatic functions they offer. Link Facebook to your Twitter account. This means you can update your business status and it’ll submit the message straight to Twitter. Feedburner on your website performs the same function. Link it to Twitter to keep your followers in the know. Build an automation chain from your website so you can post in at least four different places at once!

These five steps make it so much easier to form an effective online marketing strategy. Be patient. Step 3 takes time to build momentum, but you never know when it might take off! Then your target audience will continue your marketing efforts by spreading the word. Don’t slack off, though! The competition is still out there. Keep boosting your brand little by little until you’re the top dog.

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