Business Channel- Ultimate Growth

You must be taught the right concepts for your current stage of business

For those that want something more than membership and want to really commit to growing their business there is more bespoke programs available. Rather than mixing all different levels of business owners into a one-size-fits-all approach there are different levels of coaching above this which has been specifically created to meet the critical needs of your business and give you what you need most right now, until you are ready to transition on to the next level. This ensures that you are being taught exactly what will create results right now, and are surrounded with true peers who understand your needs.

Before being accepted at the next level of coaching we advise you to go through the “Beanstalk Milestone Program” which will completely review your business model starting right at the beginning. Firstly we go back to basics and establish why you set up in business in the first place, re establishing the vision for your business by making it a bigger vision than you could have thought, understand your product proposition, produce a detailed business plan, have a marketing strategy to get and keep more customers, implement the plan and then performance manage to ensure we achieve your goals. This process is carried out over six weeks.

Ultimate Growth program is all about getting clients quickly and consistently, and on rapidly making more money. You will be still very much within the business but will start to build a team around you ready for the next level.

The Ask Dave coaching is focused on leveraging your marketing, business models, online presence and on ‘cloning’ you through team, systems and technology so you can work with more clients and make even more money, while working less. This stage you become a real leader and sit on your business not in it.

You’ll get access to expert coaches

By identifying your business life-stage and joining the corresponding program, you’ll gain access to expert, high-level coaches.

This will more often be with Dave but there will be occasions when other experts maybe brought in to help.

In all cases the coaches would have been there and done it. Dave started off with £120k worth of debt and built two businesses to £15m($22.5m) and £2m($3m) respectively. Dave has gone through all stages of growth from being heavily engrained in the business to then sitting very much on top of the business with 130 staff. Dave then went on too successfully sell both businesses.

The knowledge and expertise that Dave has built up over the years has meant that in the last year he was selected to act as a Partner with James Caan at HBVP which offers bespoke business advice for companies looking to grow and exit.

You’ll feel supported in your business like never before

It is my belief that business owners are some of the loneliest people on the planet. Not everyone understands why we go against the grain and start our own company, and some of our closest friends and family don’t always support us the way we would like. In the Dave Symondson Business Channel, you’ll experience a caring, honest, supportive atmosphere where encouragement is the norm. Yes, we believe in taking a No hiding place Approach to winning in business, and yet we’ve found that having a place where you can celebrate your successes with your peers and have a comfortable place to land if you need it are crucial to your confidence, and confidence feeds success.

Here’s how to know if you’re ready

The successful business owners who join the Dave Symondson Business Channel programs know they need a change and have needed a change for some time. They decide that things must get better and that they need guidance, expert coaching and consistent accountability to stay on track and make sure things get done. If the Dave Symondson Business Channel is the structure you have been looking for, please fill out the application with your current business details and submit it. We’ll promptly review your confidential application and contact you shortly to answer any questions.

Ultimate Growth

You are a start up or within the first few years of starting your business and have had some success and getting new clients but you have not had consistent performance. You need help with your marketing and guidance on what to do next. You typically turnover less than £150k($225k) a year.

Who You Are

You are a business owner who’s in the building stages of your business or looking to transition fully and successfully into your business. Your smart, your motivated, you have got a lot to offer your customers but it’s time you made more money. Your biggest need right now is getting a lot more clients consistently, so this is the building stage for you and your marketing initiatives. You want to grow your business and that means reaching more of the right people and attracting more clients, providing great levels of service so they come back and refer there friends and family.

What Your Issues Tend To Be

You so badly want to grow your business to have consistent cashflow, but right now, the clients aren’t coming as quickly as you would like, the marketing is not close to being finalized and there’s a lot more to do before your feeling successful. You don’t know what marketing strategies to focus on and aren’t implementing quickly to get enough ideal clients. All
 of this is creating stress in your life, sometimes requiring you to work long hours trying to make the business work. You often feel there is too much to do and the idea of doing it alone and without the support of a seemless process is overwhelming. That’s because you ‘don’t know what you don’t know’ about the right marketing processes yet, and you’re still learning what’s going to work to get you more clients that will lead to increased profits. There’s a lot of effort, but the results aren’t exactly what you want them to be, and you know you can’t keep doing the same things anymore, because you keep getting the same disappointing results. If we are really being honest, you sometimes experience self-doubt or feelings of inadequacy, wondering if it will actually work and whether you are really cut out to be successful in your own business.

What You Need Most Right Now

Your main focus is on having a clear vision on where you are going and that you have a comprehensive marketing strategy so you start getting more clients and taking serious action to generate greater income from your business. It’s all about creating the right marketing message, and then implementing the right marketing plan consistently, so you fill your pipeline quickly and turn more prospects into paying clients. At the same time, it’s important to look at your product proposition, especially your pricing, and to raise your rates as most companies are under charging. Then, it’s all about stating specific goals and creating the focus and accountability you need to move your business forward, quickly yet comfortably, so you see greater results and create real belief in yourself and business, so you feel consistently successful in your own business.

 Business Channel Ultimate Growth Program

The Ultimate Growth Program is designed to take you through a “Beanstalk Milestone modular”(optional) 6 week program where you will have milestones to go through to get you to where you want to be. Within this program will be group teleseminars and one on one calls to ensure that we have a vision, leading product proposition, robust business plan and marketing strategy.

Ultimately you need to get more clients and make more money quickly in the early stages phase of your business and this will help achieve this. With the ultimate growth program you will have weekly video emails, regular business tips,  bi weekly webinar/teleseminar training and the program includes day retreats, 4 times a year to grow your business away from the distractions of your home or office, with direct access to Dave and his team for coaching, to implement new marketing strategies that work, experience business and website reviews, and get lots of hand holding along the way.

Investment into the Ultimate Growth Program including “Beanstalk Milestone Program” for a year is £1995/$2595+VAT upfront or £695/$995+VAT(followed by monthly payments of £149($199)+VAT

If you decide to do the “Beanstalk Milestone Program” without becoming an ultimate growth program member the price will be £995+VAT. You may also decide to become an ultimate growth member without going through the “Beanstalk Milestone Program” but this is not recommended

If paying monthly subscriptions you can cancel at anytime. However the beanstalk program cannot be cancelled and prepaid annual subscriptions can only be cancelled at the annual renewal

What webinars/teleseminars will cover:-

honing your marketing message;
 Evolving your niche and USPs;  how to 
stay in touch with prospects; list building;  website tips; Customer management; best marketing channels; your marketing planning; Measuring your return on investment; filling your pipeline; charging more and getting it; creating packages so clients stay longer; closing the sale; putting your marketing on autopilot, etc.

Ready To Join and Get Results?

If you’re ready to stop taking baby-steps in getting clients and start making a lot more in your business over the next 12-24 months, with the support of the Business Channel team then please complete the application form and we be in touch.