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Ask Dave

You have been trading for a few years now and have a successful business. You will normally have a turnover in excess of £150($225k), but you are at capacity and working much too hard. You need to create systems, get some help in your team, automate your marketing and leverage your business.

Once that’s stage is complete and you know that you are ready to create a much bigger business, it’s time to remove you from daily operations, scale your business model, expand your visibility in the marketplace and be a true leader.

Who You Are

You’re passionate about your work, you make good money and you have clients – so much so, that you sometimes have a difficult time keeping up. In becoming a business owner, you have actually created a JOB for yourself. You are a high-achiever, but you struggle with a completely full schedule and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. As a result, you have little time for yourself and you are probably feeling guilty about neglecting those who are most important to you.

What Your Issues Tend To Be

Although business is good and you are making good money, you are working a lot; you are tired and your to do list is a mile long. Your stress level is pretty high and it’s likely that you haven’t taken a holiday in a while because you are too busy. You are the bottleneck in the business because nothing gets done without you doing it or approving it. In fact, without you, the business wouldn’t be able to make any money sometimes working more than 60 hours a week. At this point, you’ve reached a ‘glass ceiling’ and it feels like the only way to get your business to the next level is by working much longer hours, but you just don’t have it in you.

What You Need Most Right Now

It’s time to change how you operate your business. The focus for you right now needs to be on reducing your workload and creating systems and processes so things can run more smoothly. Delegation and automation will be key at this point in your business. The focus must be on multiplying your personal productivity with a team that supports you; concentrating more of your effort and time at what your good at; using technology to automate and uplift your marketing efforts; and bringing on key personnel to “clone” you. It’s also time for you to create some new business plans and scale the business.

Business Channel Ask Dave Program

If your joining at this level for the first time its advisable to go through the “Beanstalk Milestone Program” which is a 6 week program where you will have milestones to go through to get you to where you want to be. Within this program will be group teleseminars and one on one calls to ensure that we have a vision, leading product proposition, robust business plan and marketing strategy.

The Ask Dave program is for the established business owner in need of leverage and to be able to prevent burn out and get their life back. Yes, you do want more clients and to make more money, but the reality is that there is no extra time in your day or enough of you to go around for that to happen. This is why 
now is the time to create business systems and internal processes so things can now run smoothly and you can get your life back, while making more money. The focus of Ask Dave program and coaching are on affordably “cloning you” through delegation and hiring, multiplying your marketing results through automation, systems and leveraged business models, all so you get much bigger results, while getting back to a normal life.

The Ask Dave program includes three hour 1:1 meetings 4 times a year, away from your daily distractions, so you can shift your focus to working ON your business, rather than simply IN your business. You enjoy weekly phone coaching with Dave, ensuring the focus is on your milestone driven goals with weekly and daily accountability—all so you can grow your income, breathe again and spend more time with family and friends.

 Investment into the Ask Dave Program for a year is £6999($8999)+VAT upfront or monthly payments of £699($899)+VAT

If paying monthly subscriptions you can cancel at anytime. However prepaid annual subscriptions can only be cancelled at the annual renewal

Ready To Join and Get Results?

If you’re ready to systematize and scale your business (and income) over the next 12-24 months with the help of expert coaching, proven leverage strategies to scale your business and the support of other high-achieving entrepreneurs, this program is for you.