Lifestyle or Growth that is the question?

When I meet an SME owner for the first time, one of the first things that needs to be established is whether it is a lifestyle business or whether there is a vision for growth. If we’re honest, most businesses… Continue reading

Some Tips on Who and Why someone would buy your company

It’s important in the early stages of building your company that you think about these questions. Planning in detail can make a considerable difference to your value. Below are some tips on who and why someone would want to buy… Continue reading

Learn how to build a team to get them too help you sell your business

One of the most difficult transitions is from being embedded in your business to extracting yourself so it runs itself. If you ever want to be a successful entrepreneur then you have to do this in whatever business you own.… Continue reading

Do you feel lonely, nervous or unsure?

I keep seeing this problem, especially in companies that have small senior teams, maybe with just one or two directors. In some cases, it is as if they have had four years of fighting, leaving them exhausted, emotionally drained, out… Continue reading

Twelve questions to ask yourself about your company

All companies are different, but in order to build a successful business you need to be asking questions about the senior team and the overall business. Below is a sample of some questions that you should be considering.


Does… Continue reading

Does your company have happy customers? Want to learn the secrets to having happy customers

If you get this critically important function right, you will have a business that continues to grow year on year. We all like to deal with companies that respect us, treat us fairly, offer good value for their product or… Continue reading

Is growing your business your passion?

Some people will look at this title and presume that being passionate would be the case for everyone, but we are all different and have different motivations. Some want the business for a great lifestyle and for others it becomes… Continue reading

Are you financing your company for growth?

Unless you are extremely fortunate, at some point on the journey of growing your business you’ll require some form of finance for growth. It is important that you ensure your business plan has real depth, clearly demonstrating that you know… Continue reading

How multi channel marketing got me from £3m to £15m turnover

After trading for 3 years, we reached £3m turnover. We had several considerations when taking our business to the next level. First, we were around 18 months away from regulation. Having built the business by cold calling, our route to… Continue reading

Ten ways to grow your profit and turnover

If we care passionately for our business, we continue to search for ways of improving and maximizing the profitability. There are so many areas to consider, so it is important that we break each area down and go in search… Continue reading