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Four Effective Ways to Reduce Stress at Work

Reports, a business presentation, minute taking, training, admin work, and that’s just this week! No wonder so many workers are showing stress symptoms like anxiety and chain smoking. Finishing a project only relieves stress temporarily because soon another Monday morning… Continue reading

Tips on Getting Good Business Support

Running a business can be scary. There’s so much to consider! When you hear about businesses failing, you only feel worse. Could you be next? Instead of panicking, find some good business support. Business consulting services help you run the… Continue reading

What Makes a Good Business Idea

This is it. After months spent brainstorming, you’ve finally got THE business idea. Your mind is buzzing with excitement. You’re ready to start your business and start earning profit. Before you push ahead with this business opportunity, stop and think… Continue reading

Stress? Managing it can change your life!


Stress? Managing it can change your life!

Let’s face it, the pressures we all experience in our working lives has increased dramatically. The anxiety that comes with this pressure leads to stress. Stress can be extremely difficult to cope… Continue reading

As a Business Owner are You Accountable?

Having built and sold two businesses, this is one of the questions I often ask myself. We all have different levels of motivation, discipline, creativity, passion, etc, but what makes a massive difference to your performance is accountability and impartial… Continue reading

Only 29% of the UK workforce are motivated- 5 Tips to turn it around


Did you know that only 29% of the UK workforce are motivated? If most business owners are giving out this message, how on earth must their staff feel? Yes, we know the economic climate is tough, but you must… Continue reading

Does your brand stand out from the crowd?

Strong branding is critical in our ad-cluttered world. After all, you want to ensure that you’re the first business customers think of when in need. How can you be more memorable and stand out? Here’s a quick guide to becoming… Continue reading

Ten ways to motivate your team

Motivation in the work environment has changed. It’s no surprise when the media keeps focusing on negativity in the business world. This can lead to increased dissatisfaction and decreased productivity.


Here are ten techniques for motivating your employees to… Continue reading

Keeping Customer Service Simple

We all have our opinions on how we can build relationships and best serve our customers. Combining strong relationships with a motivated team can put you way ahead of the competition. Recently I spoke with a business owner who understood… Continue reading

Unmotivated to Motivated staff in 7 easy steps

Whether they’re part-time or full-time employees, slow-moving, uninspired team members are the bane of many small businesses’ existence. How can you get workers fired up and motivated to achieve your company’s goals? Here are seven ways:


1. Recruit well… Continue reading